News   |   23 January 2024

Architect Group Visit from India to VIVERE Group Headquarters

Architect Group Visit from India to VIVERE Group Headquarters Banner

Tuesday, January 23, 2024, VIVERE Group welcomed a group of architects and distributors from India at SOUTH 78, Gading Serpong. The visit was conducted to establish an international working relationship and support future collaborations. Some of the architects present were SOHO Architects, Cubic Architectural Design, Arkit Architects, Esral Ifan Architects, and there was also a VIVERE distributor in India: Cedar Homestore. 

The group of Indian architects and distributors explained about VIVERE Group. This was followed by a visit to VIVERE Group's office area and showroom for the group of architects to see first-hand the materials, products, and designs that VIVERE Group markets. The showroom tour was held in the VIVERE Experience and Collaboration Space (VECS) area on the 3rd and 3A floors of the SOUTH 78 building which presents examples of furniture products for offices, homes, children, and other products marketed by VIVERE Group. During the visit, the group gave a complete and detailed explanation of the manufacturing process, sales distribution of our furniture, as well as the rattan that is our export product. 

Through this visit, the group of architects from India can establish good cooperation and can support future collaborations.