News   |   04 October 2023

VIVERE PEDULI in Solidarity Provides Educational Support in SDN Lebaksari Cianjur, West Java

VIVERE PEDULI in Solidarity Provides Educational Support in SDN Lebaksari Cianjur, West Java Banner

Cianjur, 4th of October 2023, our beloved homeland has been hit by natural disasters several times , and economic and educational activities have been hampered. One of the areas that was quite heavily affected by the earthquake this year, 2023, is the Cianjur area, West Java. VIVERE Group as a business has been moved gradually and continuously to actively assist the government's efforts to accelerate recovery and improve community welfare

As a form of real contribution to communities in need, the VIVERE Group through Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE provides support through a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs VIVERE Peduli Solidaritas Bantuan Pendidikan by donating assistance in the form of tables, chairs, cupboards, whiteboards for classrooms and teachers' rooms to SDN Lebaksari Cianjur which was held on Wednesday, October 4 2023. The handover ceremony was attended by Mr. William Simiadi as Managing Director of VIVERE Group, Mr. Winarto as Head of Factory PT Gema Graha Sarana Tbk (VIVERE Group), Mrs. Naning Adiwoso from the Indonesian Toilet Association, Mrs. Dian Haerani, Head of SDN Lebaksari Cianjur along with teachers, the school commission and several representatives of the students' parents.

"Shortly after the earthquake, only a little remained of our school, but the students were still enthusiastic about studying even while sitting on their knees. We are very grateful for the school infrastructure assistance that PT Gema Graha Sarana Tbk has provided to SDN Lebaksari. "This assistance is very meaningful in helping the learning process of the nation's young generation for the progress of our schools in the future," said Mrs. Dian Haerani, SPd as Head of SDN Lebaksari.

As Chairman and founder of the VIVERE Group, Mr. Dedy Rochimat is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the VIVERE Education Foundation which continuously contributes to helping people in need, such as scholarship support, blood donations, social assistance, medical protective equipment, vaccination centers, ambulance donations and various other forms of support.

"In this activity, the VIVERE Group through the Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE is trying to support the government's means to help accelerate community recovery with donations to SDN Lebaksari Cianjur in the form of school infrastructure and food packages for students. We hope that this donation can be used to address the situation experienced by the community and build a conducive educational environment." said William Simiadi, as Managing Director of VIVERE Group at the handover ceremony.

VIVERE Group understands that education is crucial and is the right of students in Indonesia, where they are also the future of Indonesia. Through VIVERE Peduli, we continue to support the world of education, especially students at SDN Lebaksari Cianjur in getting maximum education. VIVERE Group is consistently committed to supporting and providing the best for the community and stakeholders.