News   |   26 July 2021

Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE Donates Ambulance to Support Government Fight Covid-19

Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE Donates Ambulance to Support Government Fight Covid-19 Banner

VIVERE Group Collaboration with the Komunitas Indonesia Lawan Libas Corona Virus Disease-19 (KILLCOVID-19)

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the country, made VIVERE Group as part of community take action and support the government efforts to improve public health and economic recovery. As a tangible contribution to the community in need of health services, VIVERE Group through the Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE provides support to the government through a series of VIVERE Peduli Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs “Solidarity Against Covid-19” by donating an ambulance to KILLCOVID-19.

The handover will be held at the Graha VIVERE building, Slipi on Monday, July 26, 2021. As the President Director of VIVERE Group, Mr. Dedy Rochimat is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the VIVERE Education Foundation. This foundation, continuously contributes to helping the community build Covid-19 April 2020, such as social assistance, medical protective equipment, vaccination centers and the latest is this ambulance.

“Previously we have donated medical equipment and basic needs to health facilities and people in need. Currently we are also one of the vaccine centers to accelerate vaccination. Noting the data on the spread of the Covid-19 virus which has been increasing lately, the VIVERE Education Foundation is trying to support the government's efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19, by donating an ambulance to KILL COVID-19. We hope that this donation can be used to deal with emergency situations experienced by the community." said Prof. Dr. Ir. Agustinus Purna Irawan, as Chairman of the VIVERE Education Foundation.

In this activity, the VIVERE Group collaborates with the Community Against Libas Corona Virus Disease-19 (KILL COVID-19) which has carried out various social activities over the past year. The ambulance car donated by Yatasan Pendidikan VIVERE was considered very helpful because it was equipped with various Covid-19 handling equipment, starting from the oxygen supply system and general equipment for the type 1 ambulance.

"VIVERE Group is very concerned about the number of Covid-19 so as a real action, Yayasan Pendidikan VIVERE supports the government's movement to fight and break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. We hope that the collaboration with KILL COVID-19 can focus on the health sector and help the economic recovery," he continued at the closing of the handover ceremony to the chairman of KILL COVID-19, Ir Adharta Ongkosaputra.