News   |   07 July 2024

Space Transformation with Elegant and Minimalist Furniture

Space Transformation with Elegant and Minimalist Furniture Banner

The living room is the heart of a residence, where family and guests gather. Using a simple and minimalist concept can create a calm and refreshing atmosphere, so by presenting these elements in the living room design you can improve the aesthetics of the room have a positive effect on well-being and create a harmonious and calming environment. The minimalist concept applies the principle of "less is more", namely reducing the use of furniture that is considered unnecessary and choosing functional furniture so that the residence looks clean, simple and beautiful.

To implement this concept, you can use neutral-colored furniture such as beige, cream, light brown and gray which creates a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Adding terracotta or brown and leafy green accents can add warmth, and a natural impression and visually enrich the room. In addition, using wood, leaf or stone motif patterns on pillows, carpets or curtains can add harmonious texture and visual beauty to the room. Some furniture that can help you create a simple and minimalist room, such as:

  • Sofas and chairs, choose sofas and chairs with simple designs in neutral colors such as white, gray or beige. Using a sofa or chair with a wooden frame will further support the minimalist concept.
  • Coffee and side tables, tables with minimalist designs usually have a simple geometric shape and are usually made of wood, glass or metal. Try not to use the table too big to avoid a full impression that makes the room crowded.
  • Shelves and storage, so that the room looks neat and clean, shelves and storage are very necessary. Use shelves and storage areas with an open design to place several items or decorations to add aesthetics, while shelves with a closed design can be used to store several other items.

Apart from that, natural lighting is very necessary to create the impression of a bright and spacious room by using large windows and thin curtains, while for artificial lighting, choose lamps with simple designs such as lamps with slim stems or geometric chandeliers. With VIVERE Group, you can create a comfortable and beautiful residence according to your wishes.