News   |   21 June 2024

Arranging a Children's Room: A Combination of Functionality and Aesthetics with Kids by VIVERE

Arranging a Children's Room: A Combination of Functionality and Aesthetics with Kids by VIVERE Banner

Arranging a child's room is an enjoyable task. Still, it has its challenges for parents. It requires a balance between safety, comfort, functionality and aesthetics because it is not only a bedroom but also a space for study, play and expression. Therefore, it is important to create an environment that can support this activity by selecting and using furniture specifically designed for children such as Kids by VIVERE.

In arranging a child's room, you can start by choosing a bed that suits the size of the room and the child's needs, such as a single bed or bunk bed. To add to its appeal, Kids by VIVERE presents unique frames such as the Circus Canopy which is equipped with drawers that can store children's toys or other things so that the child's room looks beautiful and remains neat.

A study table is an important element in a child's room, especially for children who have started school. Kids by Vivere offers study tables that can support your child in studying, being creative, playing and more. The Scribble table is equipped with drawers for storing items and this table is equipped with a hanging place so that writing instruments and other equipment can be placed for convenience.

Cupboards are a crucial element for maintaining the neatness of a child's room. Kids by VIVERE provides cupboards designed to meet the needs for storing clothes, toys and other knick-knacks. This cupboard is made with rounded corners, giving a light and soft impression.

Storage shelves that can be used to store books, toys and others. These shelves not only serve as storage but also help teach children about order and responsibility from an early age. In addition to the main furniture, Kids by Vivere offers a wide selection of accessories that can add a personal and creative touch to children's rooms, making them feel more comfortable and inspired.

By using furniture from Kids by Vivere, you can ensure that your child's room is not only visually beautiful but also functional and safe. Choosing the right furniture involves paying attention to details such as material, design, and functionality that suit children's needs. In this way, a child's room can become a space that supports all their activities, from studying, playing, to resting, while providing a sense of security and comfort.