News   |   24 May 2024

Creating Functional and Aesthetic Spaces for Limited Spaces

Creating Functional and Aesthetic Spaces for Limited Spaces Banner

Limited space is a challenge in terms of arranging and choosing furniture, so it is necessary to create a room that is functional, comfortable and still aesthetic with several appropriate tips and strategies for choosing furniture that is suitable for limited space. Starting from choosing multifunctional furniture such as sofas that can be used as beds, tables that can be folded, beds that have storage drawers, multi-purpose shelves, and others. Choose furniture that is simple, modest, and has a size that suits the room because when the furniture used is large it will appear to dominate the room. Apart from that, the use of hidden storage and shelves can help keep the room neat and not take up too much space or you can use hanging cabinets attached to the wall to maximize the use of corners of the room that are often overlooked without taking up the floor to create more space. wide.

Without realizing it, color also influences space. Using light colors such as white, cream, or light gray makes the room brighter and creates the impression that the space looks bigger. Additionally, choose light and transparent materials, such as glass or acrylic, to give a more open and airy appearance.

By applying some of the tips above, you can create an ideal and comfortable space. Together with VIVERE, we can help you choose the right furniture for limited space and create a functional and comfortable space