News   |   22 May 2024

Space Optimization: Apartment Transformation to Make It More Spacious

Space Optimization: Apartment Transformation to Make It More Spacious Banner

A narrow apartment is a challenge in optimizing the use of space. With careful planning and the right design, you can make your apartment more spacious and comfortable. One way to expand an apartment is to apply the open plan concept. The open plan concept is a residential design that eliminates partitions or walls separating rooms and creates an open area which is often applied to the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  

The open plan concept has several advantages for small apartment owners, such as with no dividing walls, the space becomes more open and flexible for various purposes. In addition, natural light that enters the residence will be able to spread more freely without the obstruction of walls, making the space feel brighter and more spacious and facilitating interaction between family members or guests because everyone can gather in one large area. 

When adopting an open plan concept in an apartment, several steps need to be taken into account so that it can be implemented optimally, such as checking dividing walls that are not needed and can be removed without disturbing the building structure, which can be consulted with an expert. Choose furniture that is multifunctional, minimalist, and flexible so that it is easy to move, and use minimalist accessories and neutral colors to make it look neat and spacious.  

The open plan concept is an effective solution for expanding space in small apartments. Together with VIVERE Group, we are here to help you create the residence you dream of.