News   |   07 June 2024

Color Trends 2024: Palettes That Will Change Your Lifestyle

Color Trends 2024: Palettes That Will Change Your Lifestyle Banner

The colors for rooms that will become a trend in 2024 are bright but soft colors that are comfortable to look at, such as soft pink, soft blue, sage green, and pastel yellow, as well as light gray and beige colors which are choices.

  1. Soft Pink, this light pink color is usually used more often in residences or personal rooms. This color can raise the mood, making room users happier, and is more widely used by women.
  2. Soft Blue, a light blue color that is similar to the color of a clear sky, symbolizes peace and tranquility and can create a cool atmosphere. Using this bright blue color will make the room more spacious.
  3. Pastel yellow, this color depicts a warm, enthusiastic and cheerful atmosphere that is similar to sunlight so it will create the impression of a brighter space.
  4. Sage Green, sage green is a green color that can provide calm, balance and relaxation because it is connected to nature. Apart from that, a room that uses sage green will create a cool and comfortable room feel.
  5. Light Grey, a soft and neutral light gray color with a cool feel that gives calm to the room. This color is suitable for combining with other colors such as green, blue, yellow, white and different colors.
  6. Beige, white with a touch of brown, is always a favorite every year. This neutral color creates a warm atmosphere and provides brightness and a timeless neutral feel. This color is also easy to combine with any color in the interior or room.
    The variety of colors makes room owners confused in choosing colors, so we present several ways that can make it easier for you to choose colors, namely:
  • Determine the theme of the room, if you want a natural nuance you can use sage green, or beige color for a neutral room theme, and others.
  • They combine young and old colors to avoid mismatched color combinations so that they are not monotonous.
  • When choosing room colors, you need to think about the color of the furniture that will be placed in the room so that it is suitable and beautiful to look at.
  • Room light conditions, avoid using dark colors in low-light rooms.
  • Use colors that can influence the mood that can affect the user of the space.


These are some examples of 2024 trend colors for your reference for tips on choosing colors to create a room. Apart from that, several other trend colors can be adjusted to suit your taste. Together with the VIVERE group, we can help you create a beautiful and comfortable room