Event   |   08 December 2023

VIVERE Group's 39th Anniversary: Bersinergi Membangun Prestasi dan Kesejahteraan Bersama

Friday, December 8 2023 was an important day for VIVERE Group. This year, VIVERE Group celebrates its 39th anniversary. On its 39th anniversary this year, VIVERE Group continues to be committed to working together to build mutual achievements and prosperity.

On that happy day, VIVERE Group held several activities specifically arranged for employees and invited guests. First of all, there were messages from the VIVERE Group Board of Directors, namely Dedy Rochimat and William Simiadi, as well as a message from the VIVERE Group Board of Commissioners, namely Dr. Pulung Peranginangin. These messages were conveyed as a form of gratitude to all employees who have worked together during the 39 years that the VIVERE Group has been running, and also an encouragement to continue to provide the best in the future.

Next, there was a special session presented directly by Anthony Amni, Country Manager for Amazon Web Service Indonesia, and Iwan Panggabean, an HR Consultant. This special session was hosted with great fanfare for all employees of the VIVERE Group. Then the event continued with the signing of the 2024 Business Plan by all business units under the VIVERE Group. This signing is proof of the commitment of all VIVERE Group business units to continue to provide the best.

Apart from that, as a form of thanksgiving for the 39 years of operation of the VIVERE Group, a holy mass was held which was attended by invited guests and VIVERE Group employees which was then followed by a prayer of blessing for the VIVERE Hotel which will soon be inaugurated.

The entire series of events celebrating the 39th Anniversary of the VIVERE Group was carried out with great fanfare and warmth. VIVERE Group is committed to provide the best service for all stakeholders.