Event   |   08 November 2023

SOUTH78 Becomes Highlight Collateral Event of Bintaro Design District for the Second Time with the Theme "Envisioning Nature"

SOUTH78 Becomes Highlight Collateral Event of Bintaro Design District for the Second Time with the Theme "Envisioning Nature" Banner

Tangerang, 8 November 2023 - Inspired by the creativity of today's lifestyle, SOUTH78 is here as a lifestyle creative-hub which is expected to become the main destination for various creative communities to share ideas and explore collaborative and solution ideas. In the framework of the design and architect festival, the SOUTH78 building is the venue and Collateral Event for the second Bintaro Design District with the theme Envisioning Nature, which will take place on 8 - 18 November 2023.

"SOUTH78, for the second time as a Collateral Event Bintaro Design District 2023, is here with the hope of embracing various layers of creative disciplines, such as architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design, music, and retail, to share positive roles." said William Simiadi, Main Director of SOUTH78.

With the theme Envisioning Nature or imagining nature in the future, the curators of Bintaro Design District 2023 are Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, and Hermawan Tanzil. Wants to invite creative workers to engage in thinking about nature and its relationship to design, and more importantly, to our contemporary lives. Through a series of activities held at the Bintaro Design District 2023, it is hoped that this year's curatorial team will be able to listen to and present a variety of ideas that can enrich our collective perception, regarding how design can respect nature to improve the quality of our lives together.

In the Bintaro Design District Collateral Event at SOUTH78, there will be 6 installation works of art, namely: Membumi, Nature Tech Material, Project Rebirth, Live in Harmony with Nature, Life After Life, Great Architecture Fest 2023. Supported by more than 20 good collaborators at home and abroad and almost 30 activities in the 10 days of the festival such as seminars, workshops, competitions and design talks, which invite the public to carry out movements to appreciate nature, express themselves through various works such as making works from used goods. , making tempeh without plastic and many more interesting activities.

This activity is a hope for the birth of new creative ideas and concepts in the development of the design and creative industry in Indonesia. Work together to support this industry so that it continues to progress.

"Together with developing industry and the creative economy, we at SOUTH78 hope to be a solution and inspiration, especially for communities that appreciate design and creativity, including in areas around Tangerang, South Tangerang and surrounding areas where residential areas are dominated by the younger generation," continued William Simiadi, Main Director of SOUTH78.