Event   |   20 October 2023

Envisioning Nature as Part of the Future

Envisioning Nature as Part of the Future Banner

Humans have always lived side by side with nature. However, along with the movement of human life, the human population is increasing and causing an imbalance in our ecosystem. This then subconsciously influences the destruction of nature, where natural exploitation often occurs from various industries, including the design industry.

Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, and Hermawan Tanzil as curators of Bintaro Design District 2023 invite creative workers to carry out eco-criticism of the relationship between humans, design, and nature. Through a series of activities held at the Bintaro Design District 2023, it is hoped that there will be various ideas and innovations, so that humans can improve the quality of life and at the same time still respect nature.

With the theme Envisioning Nature or imagining nature in the future, Bintaro Design District 2023 also held Collateral Events, one of which was held in the SOUTH78 building. There are around 5 installations by well-known architects and more than 30 collaborators who will show their work of arts and products. All works and products shown come from environmentally friendly materials.

Taking place from 8 November to 18 November 2023, the Collateral Event for Bintaro Design District 2023 which will be held at SOUTH78 will convey the Life After Life concept through various product displays, talk shows and workshops that will broaden your insight regarding objects that can not only be used once, but can be useful again even if the object is no longer used.

VIVERE Group invites you to actively participate in advancing human life and at the same time protecting the environment and nature from the damage that is occurring.