Event   |   22 January 2024

Field Trip Asia Business Care (ABC) Program 2024

Field Trip Asia Business Care (ABC) Program 2024 Banner

The Asia Business Care 2024 event, also known as the ABC Program 2024, is an event organized by three well-known universities, namely Prasetiya Mulya University, National Taiwan University, and Solbridge International School of Business. This event is a forum for students to broaden their insight and develop problem-solving skills so that students can provide solutions to business brands that are present as partners of the ABC 2024 event. In its implementation, there are various series of activities carried out by the three universities, one of which is taking a field trip to the SOUTH78 building.

In the series of ABC 2024 activities, the first opening was delivered by the ABC Program 2024 as the party organizing the event. Then, there is an explanation of several business units under the auspices of the VIVERE Group, such as PT Gema Graha Sarana, PT Prasetya Gema Mulia, PT VIVERE Multi Kreasi, PT Vinotindo Graha Sarana, and PT Aida Rattan Industry.

After completing the explanation about the VIVERE Group, a question and answer session was held so that students could ask things they wanted to know about the VIVERE Group, and as a closing field trip activity, a showroom tour was held at the VIVERE Experience and Collaboration Space (VECS) on the floor. 3 and 3A of the SOUTH78 building which presents examples of furniture products for offices, homes, children, and other products marketed by the VIVERE Group.


Through this opportunity, VIVERE GROUP collaborates with ABC Program 2024 to share knowledge and inspire students in the business field.