Event   |   26 March 2018

Collection by VIVERE on IFEX 2018

Collection by VIVERE on IFEX 2018 Banner

VIVERE along with AIDA Rattan, a subsidiary of VIVERE Group, will participate in the International Exhibition Furniture & Craft, Indonesia International Furniture Expo / IFEX 2018, at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia from 9 to 12 March 2018.

This is the 5th time that VIVERE participates in such event, consistently introducing rattan products to worldwide market. VIVERE keep expanding the collection to always give you something fresh year to year. VIVERE believes its hiQuality Rattan collections will take the spotlight as they are a manifestation of supreme and highly sustainable material, high technology manufacturing, and skilled handcraftsmanship, while also taking the design as one of its strong points. By using Dowel technology, all rattan products are joined without using any nails, creating lasting furniture with high-quality finishing.

VIVERE collaborate with Indonesian talented designers to develop and create the latest aesthetic furniture which functional and trendy. They are (late) Irvan Noe’man, Abbie Abdillah, ANJA Collective Designer, and Alvin T. Their work with VIVERE has been well known to international market and already won some awards too, VOLARE Chair who won Most Innovative Product at IFEX 2017, PORTABELLA Lounge Chair and LEYYE Lounge Chair who won Good Design Indonesia Award. VIVERE is proud to have a chance to collaborate with these designers.