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    Get the latest VIVERE news & event to know our update


The Launching of New Culture Collection 2014


Jakarta, 10 May 2014

VIVERE organizes the launching of VIVERE Culture's latest collection on 10 May 2014 with the theme of Dayak Art show and cultural which will be held at VIVERE Showroom Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta

VIVERE whose mission from the start is to help preserve Indonesian traditional culture through its artwork collection, this time presents cultural theme of Dayak to add to its latest artwork collection. As for the artwork launched by VIVERE is designed in a modern art but not reducing the cultural elements of the artwork itself for it has its own historical value. Therefore, the design is suitable for modern homes but without losing the cultural elements which give both unique and ethnic impression.

One of the artwork is Miniature of Baby Carrier, used by ethnicity of Dayak Kenyah in East Kalimantan, whose main function was to carry babies. This artwork of Miniature of Baby Carrier is covered around with beads which is the signature of Dayak culture. It will give ethnic but colorful impression to your rooms.

Another artwork collection is Dayak Digging Stick. It is an ethnic wall-d�cor which is the combination between cultural aesthetic elements and function in the series collection of Dayak- Borneo. This artwork which was used for agriculture cultivation can help adorn your rooms.

Borneo Tribal Bowl can also be added to complete your artwork collection. Made from genuine Ulin Wood from Kalimantan, this bowl can be used as a container for food or merely an ornamental object put on your decorative table. This artwork is available in various shapes such as Enggrang bird, dragon, deer, and so on.

Dayak Chiseled Shield, a handicraft shield decoratively designed by being curved and chiseled with the ancient symbol called Kamang, made neatly and smoothly, making it feasible to be an addition to your artwork collection.

In its latest launching event of VIVERE Culture, VIVERE features Dayak traditional dancers and various signature traditional dishes in order to create cultural atmosphere and nuances. The guests will also be able to enjoy the Art Gallery which will display various VIVERE Culture collection, one of them is Dayak Artwork.

The attendees in this event are the representatives from the embassies, foreign nationals, printed and electronic medias, art lover communities and cultural observers, and also VIVERE customers.



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